Scanmast acquires marketing and sales manager from Hi3G Access

As current marketing and sales manager Jocke Karlén gets a new role at Scanmast as a strategy and business developer, Andreas Steen is recruited from Hi3G Access AB.

Andreas is recruited from the mobile operator 3 (Hi3G Access AB) and has worked as Sales Manager in charge of B2B for both SME and Large Enterprise.

At Scanmast, Andreas will primarily have two areas of responsibility; the Group’s total revenue for both Scanmast AB and Scanmast AS as well as the entire Group’s market strategy and long-term branding. He will also be part of the management team.

“Scanmast continues to grow within all business areas, and Andreas will be an important part of Scanmast’s journey into tomorrow,” says Roger Mobrin Scanmast’s CEO.

Andreas took office on 1 June 2017.

For questions please contact CEO Roger Mobrin +46 70-424 70 00.

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