Our heritage and history date all the way back to when Sweden began to get connected. We helped to build the radio and TC masts in the early 1960s. Our masts and towers are probably some of the most widely used in Scandinavia. Nowadays, we build every kind of mobile station that operators might need for their networks – everything from mobile stations in city centres to remote sites in fields and forests. We always aim to be customers’ first choice for building heavy mast structures or replacement of technology on site. We’ve manufactured, supplied and erected thousands of masts and towers for Swedish and Norwegian GSM, 3G and 4G networks over the past few years alone.

We have customers in all kinds of fields where antenna carriers are needed for effective communication. Besides mobile operators, we work with agencies such as the Swedish Transport Administration, municipalities, utility companies and the emergency services.

We can help you right the way along the line, from vision to finished project. We select construction sites optimised to meet your needs and sort out building permits, permissions and agreements with landowners or property owners. And then we build, install, commission, maintain, inspect and document everything. Having just one point of contact means your project progresses quickly and smoothly, saving you time and money.

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