150 new mobile sites for the Swedish Transport Administration

The Swedish Transport Administration needed to condense its existing GSM-R network to include new mobile sites as safe communication is an absolute must for the railways.

Moreover, Sweden is working on introducing a new signalling system compatible throughout Europe. In connection with this, traffic needs to supplement its systems with 150 new mobile sites so as to ensure communications transfer between trains and operational management centres. The organisation has chosen to use optical fibre for this so that it can meet the needs of the future.

We assisted with everything from permissions and permits from landowners to commissioning of the 150 sites. Optical fibre cabling has been buried and laid between the main optical fibre running along the railway and out to the new base stations. We’ve supplied and installed masts and equipment shelters for the stations. This work is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2015.

Every mobile site consists of a mast, an equipment shelter and one or more antennas with transmitter and receiver equipment. The radio masts will be provided with directional antennas instead of the previous omnidirectional ones. The radio masts are located along the railway, on average approximately nine kilometres apart. The masts are normally 36 to 42 metres tall, but the aim for new base stations is to build low ones, around 12 to 20 metres above ground level. There are old operating radio facilities on a number of the sections to be constructed, and these are still in good condition. These will be reused as far as possible. As a result, the equipment shelters and antenna system will be replaced with more modern technology.