New lighting towers for World Ski Championships in Falun

In the autumn of 2012, we were awarded the contract to supply and install new lighting towers for the ski jump at Lugnet in Falun.

And by the spring of 2013, they were all installed; five new ALTA towers and three existing ALTA towers that we’d extended using sections and new spotlight fittings. Most of the people who attended the World Cup ski Championships or watched from the comfort of their own armchairs would probably agree they provided a superb backdrop to the action.

The work environment on offer at any ski jump is unique to say the least, with height and level differences and grandstands to take into account. We were able to install the lower towers using a mobile crane standing on the braking area, but higher up the slope we had to jack up the crane in order to reach.

We had no rock to work with when laying the foundations, so we had to use an exposed special foundation. You can normally make the most of the soil on top of the foundation, but this time we had to use concrete everything. The base plate for one of the towers is made from 40 cubic metres of concrete, so the entire foundation weighs 100 tonnes in order to withstand the loads which the tower is subjected.

We’ve since been able to use this kind of foundation solution on racetracks and in other places with unusual terrain.