Wind measurement masts for Sidensjö Wind Farm

We assisted with the construction work for one of the biggest wind farms in Sweden by providing three wind measurement masts.

This wind farm is being constructed near the village of Sidensjö, which is situated 15 kilometres west of Örnsköldsvik and is expected to be fully operational by the spring of 2015.

We supplied and installed three 108-metre W1200 masts, along with a 7-metre top spar as the meters installed at the very top were to be located at a height of 115 metres, where the centre point of the wind tower was calculated to be located.

“The installation work was carried out by our experienced fitters, who worked with the help of a helicopter. Two of the masts were what are known as turbine masts. These were placed in the centres of the foundations for the wind turbines, and the third mast – known as a reference mast – was sited 250 metres away from the others,” says Lars Montelius, project manager at Scanmast.

The turbine masts remained up for 4 to 6 months for calibration of their measurements in respect of the reference masts. The two turbine masts had done their job by the time the wind turbines were due to be assembled, and they were demolished.

The ground works, foundation work and documentation also formed part of our assignment, which was completed in 2014.

“With our customer being in Scotland (RES, Renewable Energy Systems) and the end customer being in Germany (the municipal utility company Stadtwerke München), the demands in terms of documentation were usually enormous; this was something that really made this project memorable,” says Lars Montelius.