Lattice boom

Need assemble equipment at high altitude and have nothing to fix it so we have lattice masts in various lengths and designs to suit your needs. Our lattice masts withstand very harsh weather conditions, which means you can feel confident in the choice of supplier. We deliver and assemble today to master the entire Nordic region. When you order an Lattice Mast of us will delivery with prefabricated foundation, materials and instructions for you to be able to mount the mast right.


Installation of lattice boom

When the mast or tower is in place we will help you install and deploy both radio and transmission, camera, wind gauges or lighting. We also install fiber or put the moves you want to take your pipe bridge. Our installers further trained and certified regularly in new equipment and technology. We have the expertise for both the construction, project management, assembly and installation of the company. When you give us full responsibility for your project, you get back in the form of saved time and money. Contact us today to find out more.