Scanmast will be at ”Midt-Norsk Elektromesse”, Trondheim and “Elmässan Syd”, Malmö.

Norway: Welcome to “Midt-Norsk Elektromesse” 18 and 19 January in Trondheim. The exhibition will be at Scandic Lerkendal Hotell. You will meet Sigurd and Stefan who will talk about our range of Masts for lighting, monitoring, telecom and industry. Sweden: 24 and 25 January 2018 it is time for “Elmässan Syd” in Malmö. The largest…

Nordnorsk Elektromesse

Scanmast participates in Nordnorsk Elektromesse, arranged by Elektroskandia on 5/9 in Bodö and 7/9 in Tromsø. The fair is a recurring arrangement in Northern Norway that gives visitors the opportunity to get information about new products and technical solutions in the electrical industry. Of course we are in place! Welcome!

Scanmast acquires marketing and sales manager from Hi3G Access

As current marketing and sales manager Jocke Karlén gets a new role at Scanmast as a strategy and business developer, Andreas Steen is recruited from Hi3G Access AB. Andreas is recruited from the mobile operator 3 (Hi3G Access AB) and has worked as Sales Manager in charge of B2B for both SME and Large Enterprise….

Agreement with Telia Norway.

Scanmast has signed an agreement for increased commitment to Telia Norway. During a 3-year period Scanmast will replace Telia’s old radio link stock from NEC to Ericsson new mini link. A total of 900 link hops (1800 links) to be replaced and work will commence shortly.

Stabæk Bandy update its facility

Reigning Norwegian champions in bandy Stabæk IF has for a time update its facility. Scanmast was entrusted to deliver the foundation and master and assembly. The assembly also included putting up wire suspension for wearing the new LED lighting. We wish Stabæk bandy luck in the hunt for another NM-gold.

Meet us at Elmässan October 19 to 20

Finally it’s time for Elmässan again. Then we get to meet new and old customers, we think that’s nice. October 19 to 20 are we, Per, Anders and Jerker, at Kistamässan north of Stockholm. Here we come along with over 220 other companies show off what we can. In our booth C: 16 we will…

Besök av kommunledningen.

Idag har kommunledningen för Mora kommun bestående av de båda kommunalråden Malin Höglund(M) och Anna Hed(C), utvecklingschef Caroline Smitmanis Smids och kommunchef Peter Karlsson besökt Scanmast. Vd Roger Mobrin och marknads- och försäljningschef Jocke Karlén gav en inblick i företagets historia, tjänster och produkter. På agendan var även Scanmasts utveckling och framför allt bolagets satsning…