About Scanmast

Our expertise – building the future

We carry out project design and construction and arrange everything involved with technology carriers – in the air using masts and towers, and underground for laying optical fibre cables.

In other words, we make sure 4G is available to phones and optical fibre cables are available to our homes. We’re the ones who make sure football pitches are lit up when the sun goes down, and that industrial estates have surveillance cameras they can rely on.

It all began in Mora in 1929, when inventor and designer Anders Wikstrand came up with a way of making ladders out of thin-walled steel tubing. This heralded the start of the company known as WIBE, which he founded together with financier Victor Berg.

In the 1960s, we built the radio and TV masts that were found all over Sweden – and remain there to this day. Since then, we’ve supplied thousands of towers, braced masts and truss beams that can be found in all kinds of places – some of them have to be seen to be believed! And our products have to withstand sunshine, rain, snow, ice and strong winds.

Scanmast was formed in 2009. We took with us our years of history and experience and relocated to new premises. You’ll still find us in Mora.

We have both the desire and the expertise to implement entire projects, from design and project planning to construction, installation and maintenance So as our customer, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we’re helping you to build the future.

Trippel A