Our masts are welded and bolted truss structures built for many different purposes. They can carry technology for telecommunications, lighting, cameras, signs and various types of measuring equipment.

Our masts are made to work without being seen. Nothing can beat our trusswork’s ability to let the background through, no matter what that background is – blue skies, white clouds or green trees.

What’s the difference between a tower and a mast? A tower has no stays, while a mast is braced with wires.

Give us a call and tell as what your preferences and needs are so that we can come up with the best solution for you.

  • S1200

    If you need to place a lot of equipment in the mast, or if the mast needs to withstand a harsh, very windy climate – in the mountains, for example – should go for our stronger S1200 option. In its standard version, this mast is able to withstand 10+10m² with a reference wind of 25…

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  • W1200

    The W1200 is ideal for both telecoms and wind measuring equipment, it’s tried and tested and hundreds of masts of this kind can be found all over the country. In its standard version, this mast is able to withstand 5+5m² with a reference wind of 25 m/s and terrain type 2, but it can also…

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