ALTA is our tallest tower. This is ideal for lighting sports grounds, ports or airports. It’s also the most widely used tower for both telecoms and camera surveillance.

The ALTA consists of welded and bolted six-metre sections that can be built up to 72 metres high as standard. This is a flexible modular system that allows your tower to be dimensioned with ease and optimised to meet your needs. This simplifies and speeds up production and delivery and keeps costs down.

Despite its potential height, ALTA isn’t a tower that makes all that much fuss. The tower’s truss structure allows it to blend into the background, no matter what that background is – blue skies, green trees or trotting horses.

All our towers are dimensioned in accordance with the Eurocodes with national supplements. We’re always on hand to help you calculate and dimension towers, foundations and equipment to be fitted.

Give us a call to find out more about ALTA and how it can be customised for your project.


  • Max height: 72 metres
  • Applications: Telecoms, lighting, surveillance, etc.
  • Design: Welded and bolted six-metre sections


  • Tried and tested for a long time.
  • Suitable for both a coastal and a mountain climate.
  • Compact transport volume.
  • Standardised sections.
  • Prefabricated foundations.
  • Easy to fit, which means short assembly times.
  • Surface-treated for a long service life.
  • CE-marked.