Wherever you find spotlights, there’s every chance they’ll be mounted on a DELTA tower. This is our most widely used tower for lighting roads, car parks, airports, sports grounds, race tracks and port areas.

The DELTA is a smart tower that can be built up to a height of 42 metres. This tower is made up of welded sections 2 to 6 metres long which are optimised and constructed to meet your needs.

These sections can be pushed into one another, which means that the total transport volume is never larger than the size of the bottom section. Shipping costs and assembly time are kept to a minimum together with prefabricated foundations.

The stable structure of the DELTA tower also makes it ideal for use as a technology carrier for camera surveillance and telecoms.

All our towers are dimensioned in accordance with the Eurocodes with national supplements. We’re always on hand to help you calculate and dimension the equipment to be fitted.

Give us a call to find out more about DELTA and how it can be customised for your project.


  • Max height: 42 metres
  • Design: Welded 2 to 6 metre sections
  • Applications: Lighting, surveillance, telecoms, etc.