Portals and sign supports

Signs, traffic lights and cameras are often large and heavy and have to be able to withstand rain, bad weather and strong winds. People and vehicles also have to be able to pass beneath them safely. This requires strong structures that are dimensioned carefully to withstand the load they have to bear.

Our trusswork structures are absolutely ideal for use as portals and sign supports. The flexible structure is very strong in relation to its weight and can span long distances. It’s supported by vertical sections and equipped with the components you need for your project.

Our portals and sign supports are easy to install and require no in situ welding, which guarantees projects that are both efficient and cost-effective. It goes without saying that we make sure your production or business isn’t hindered while we go about our construction work and that the equipment carried is easy to service safely.


  • CE-marked
  • Made up of standardised sections
  • Short delivery times
  • Easy to install – short assembly time
  • Can be assembled at ground level with accessories before lifting the section into place
  • No in situ welding – replaceable parts
  • Dimensioned, designed and manufactured in accordance with the Eurocodes and EKS
  • Surface-treated for a long service life
  • Hot dip galvanisation class Fe/Zn 115 in accordance with EN ISO 1461
  • Welded in accordance with ISO 3834