Road lighting

Along the country roads you can see our products to keep up street lighting. In short, where there is street lighting is a great probability that they are mounted on one of our ALTA- or DELTA towers. Our products for street lighting is composed of standard sections. Therefore, we can quickly deliver a low total cost. A luminaire or 60 pieces, three or 70 meters high does not matter, we will solve it. Do you want your road lighting should sit sure we can contact us at Scanmast AB


Installation of road lighting


We have both the will and the expertise to carry out the entire project from design and planning to construction, installation and maintenance. This means that our customers can feel safe with our work. Call us and we will find a good solution based on your wishes and needs. Obviously we will help you to calculate and design of the equipment to be installed. The towers will be safe and friendly is a given for us. All our technology carrier designed according to the Eurocodes with national amendments. Do not hesitate to contact us when it comes to street lighting.